In March 2021 we moved to our new location in Mountaineer Mall. We have a set of 16 HO-scale modules that we have set up in our space and will move out into the open part of the mall during open houses. One of the modules needs scenery work done; the others might need minor refurbishment. The modules are currently run with conventional DC power supply.

Part of moving was having to tear down our old, permanent HO layout, so a near-term goal is to create a new design and draw up detailed track plans for the new layout. It will occupy a space about 19 by 48 feet and will probably be two levels with connection between levels. We want the layout to represent West Virginia and while we won’t be doing specific locations, we have structures based on actual buildings along the railroads of West Virginia. In addition, we want a layout on which we can operate the scale trains in ways similar to the actual railroads. As in the past, we plan to host operating sessions that include our own members and model railroaders in our region.

Once we have made good progress on the permanent HO layout, we will branch out into smaller O and N-scale layouts to meet the needs of our members and educate the public on the look and feel of the various scales used in model railroading. Throughout, the emphasis will be on realistic depictions of West Virginia scenery and railroading.